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• To listen to a selection of Sandro's performances on Youtube - click "here".

• For a selection of Solo guitar pieces - click "here".

Original Material
Critically acclaimed with several local and national award nominations, Vancouver guitarist Sandro Camerin's music has been featured extensively on a wide variety of Canadian radio and television productions.

Vancouver Guitarist Sandro Camerin YouTubeVancouver Guitarist

"Once in a While"
This compilation features nine new compositions and four remixed and remastered favourites.

Vancouver Guitarist
Album cover by Ian McLeod

Once in a While - SB
The Center of Gravity - SB
West Coast Expresso - SB
Luna - SB
A Little Bit of Paradise - SB
A Crater on Venus - SB
The Picture of Happiness - SB
The Falls - SB
Saturna - SB
Longden's Sweep - SB
The Water Mirror - SB
The River of Peace - SB

- Bonus Track -

Farm Hands - SB

"Shadows in the Dark"
With two West Coast Music award nominations this album was produced by the incredible Henri Lorieau (keyboards) and featured Doug (Skylark) Edwards (bass) and Jerry Adolf (drums). Alan Perkins engineered.
They made it all seem so easy!

Vancouver Guitarist
Album cover photo by Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

If You Only Knew SB
Julie-Anne SB
Lookin' Back SB
Mexico SB
Rosette SB
Saturna SB
Shadows in the Dark SB
Southern Exposure SB
The Fountain's Dance SB
The One That Got Away SB.
Welcome SB

"Real to Reel"
Nominated for a CASBY and two West Coast Music awards. This album featured Ron Johnstone (keyboards) Graham Ord (tenor saxophone) Paul Blaney (upright and electric bass) and Ian Hood (drums).
Awesome band!
Thanks to Emidio Serrambana (additional keyboards) and Geoff Turner for his guidance and engineering skills.

Vancouver Guitarist
Album cover painting by David Lowe

A City by the Sea SB
A Spanish Joyride SB
Can You See the Forgotten .
Capitaine Electrique SB.
Happiness SB
London Derriere SB
Mr. Know It All SB
Paralyzed From the Neck Up
The Cloud With an Emerald..